The Greeks Authentic Mediterranean Deli and Market is the brainchild of Chef Georgios Papanikolaou. Chef wanted to bring a more traditional and authentic approach to Greek food. He has lived in the USA for the past 20 some years.


“It is nearly impossible to find a Greek restaurant, that has not americanized something in their menu.” With this notion, he started gathering family and regional recipes. Some a couple of decades old, others as old as 400-500 years old. Greek cuisine is a passion that comes from within for him. It’s something that he has been doing his whole life, from the cruise ships in Rhodes, to cooking at home for his family. This is his passion.

This is why The Greeks has to be authentic. It is a matter of personal pride and yearning for home. It is a matter of getting everything, including the minute things, right. It is a matter of serving the best food, with the freshest ingredients, following recipes of an ancient civilization that over the years - like wine, have fermented to come close to the best culinary experience. It is pride.

The Greeks is a restaurant dedicated to bringing you fresh authentic Greek food. We are the ONLY authentic Greek restaurant and market in town. Since moving to Wilmington Chef George Papanikolaou has incorporated hundred year old recipes from his ancestors into the food.  You can definitely say that we have brought Greece to Wilmington.

Chef George along with his wife, Roula, and his two kids, Yianni and Nina, run the restaurant. Since coming to America it has been George and Roula's dream of opening up an authentic Greek restaurant! Everything is freshly made daily from the tzatziki, that has a bit of a kick to it, to the mellow yet tasty falafel. It is definitely true that if you go to The Greeks you won't leave disappointed or hungry because there is something for everyone. From cooking in cruise ships and hotels in Europe to owning their own restaurants in the states George and Roula are bringing you some of the most delicious food you can imagine from their own country.”

Currently The Greeks have two other locations that they are trying to secure!

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So come on in and dine with us. We would love to have you here at the Greeks. We would love to share our recipes with you, and even answer any questions you may have. We would love to have you! Efharisto!